Cycle Training.

King’s Lynn Triathlon Club offers group rides to its members. These are club rides, without coaching, on a variety of routes throughout the area. We do not offer coached cycling sessions for insurance purposes.

We will go out as a club, splitting into groups to offer different paces. We don’t want to leave people behind!

Members are free to go out together as they wish, but please follow the club guidance and don’t leave people stranded.

The club sessions are advertised below, with the date, start time/location, route description and a map of the route. All cycle sessions are free, and the club holds no responsibility for any damage or injury caused on these rides.

Things to note

Bikes should be in good roadworthy condition and a helmet must be worn at all times. No helmet, no ride.

Planned training sessions can be subject to change, depending on weather, ground conditions, visibility, numbers attending, and suitability for those present. We will do our best to inform members at least 24 hours before a ride is due to commence. This will happen via email and our social networking sites.

Members are requested not to wear ear pieces during training because they will not be able to hear warnings or traffic approaching from behind.

It is recommended that members wear a high visibility bib or top. Also, where required, lights are advised. Mudguards are polite when the roads are wet.

Inline with club policy, those considering membership can train with the club. After 2 sessions if you haven’t joined the club, we are afraid you cannot come with us on rides on participate on other training sessions in the future.

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