Swim Coaching.

We offer our own King’s Lynn Triathlon Club swim sessions. We provide structured training for different levels of abilities. We try to offer sessions to as many different abilities as possible but we cannot accomodate non swimmers at present.

Venue: St James’ Pool, King’s Lynn. Time: Wednesdays @ 6.15am until 7.15am.

Cost: £3 members, £5 non-members.

We are currently limited to 2 lanes which allows 16 swimmers. Our members are crucial to the club and we therefore reserve the right to place their needs above non-members. If sessions are full we can and will have to refuse entry.

We are in the early stages of these sessions so we do not know the numbers of people attending, so please email us first if you would like to attend just so we can let you know if there will be a problem.

What we will provide

  • Qualified Swim Coaches
  • Lifeguard Cover
  • Structured planned sessions

What should I bring?

  • Swim trunks / swimming costume
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Swim cap if you have long hair
  • Drink – you get dehydrated in the pool without realising

If you have swim aids such as pull buoys, hand paddles and kickboards it is worth bringing them along. These can be provided but it’s nice to have your own.

Swim Rules

When you arrive

  • Please try to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the session. This will give you time to sign in, get changed and get pool side.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • Remove any plasters or dressings. Floating bandages are not nice!
  • Don’t swim with open wounds or scabs.
  • Remove all jewellery before swimming. Swim watches are fine.
  • If you’re late check with the coach that it’s okay for you to join the session. The coaches answer is final.

General Rules

  • Do not run in the pool area.
  • Notify the coach if you need to leave mid session.
  • Slower swimmers should wait to push off the wall to allow faster swimmers to go. A slower swimmer should then follow the quicker swimmer to maximise the amount of time before they are lapped.
  • Faster swimmers should give plenty of room to slower swimmers. Be patient.

Do you like what you see? If you want to know more details why don’t you get in touch?