Swim Plan.

The coaches have kindly offered us their swim session details to offer to those members who cannot get to the swim coached sessions or missed one for whatever reason.

We will keep a log on this page of what we did in each session.


@+ time = the amount of rest at the end of each 50m

20/02/2013 6.15am St James’ Pool, King’s Lynn

Warm up

4×100 f/c@+20
4×50 kick @+20

Main set
Hold the same pace throughout the set. These should be at a good pace but you should be able to hold.

Cool Down
100 easy

Total= 2.6km

23/01/2013 6.15am St James’ Pool, King’s Lynn

Warm up:

200m total front crawl consisting of 2 x 50m using pull bouy and 2 x 50m any other drill. Each 50m has a 30 second rest.


12x 50 kick @+15

Perform this as 3x 50m fast kick with kickboard followed by 1 x 50m front crawl as rest. Repeat 3 times.

Second Main:

2×25 @+15

Breathing 8,6,4 and normal swim. ( so on 1st 25m you only breathe on 8th stroke, then next 25m on 6th stroke, followed by the next 25m on the fourth stroke).

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