Open Water Support Crew

We are looking for volunteers to be trained as safety kayakers to build up our OWS support team.

You need to be competent in a kayak and able to swim in OW and hold a current 4hr first aid certificate or higher (personal/work/club its all good).

There will be a formal training day 8hrs which gives you the BCU Swim Event Safety Award (Sesa) and teaches you things including rescue of unconscious casualty, in water rescue breaths, and much more.

We may need to charge for the formal course but it will be at cost only. That cost is currently looking at £35 but may increase/decrease depending on venue hire costs.

Training in general boat handling will be done before the course to polish old skills.

People who volunteer to cover an OWS session will receive credit towards their next swim as a reward.

Without the time spent in the water by the safety crew, no one will get to swim this season. It was down to a limited pool of resources last season and we are keen to top up that pool to ensure we have good coverage. We cannot rely on the good will of a few to do it all summer, so if you’re interested let us know.

You can read more about the course here: