Pool Training.

  • Adults Only
  • Day/Time: Every Wednesday Mornings 06:15 – 07:15
  • Venue: St James Swimming Pool, King’s Lynn
  • Cost: £3 KLTC members, £5 non-members

Oct – Learn to Front Crawl. Lane 1 will be dedicated to those who want to learn how to swim front crawl. Aimed at those who currently can’t swim front crawl or who struggle to do more than 25m. Lane 2 is open for members to use, free, however there will be no coached sessions other than the ‘learn to front crawl’ sessions for the whole of Oct.

Nov – Back to Basics, Drills, Skills and Video work.  These coached sessions will focussed on technique to help you improve your swim time and efficiency.  Ideal if your swim times have plateaued and/or you feel like you are no longer improving.
Remember. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Dec – Developing good technique and swim fitness, starting to build stamina and endurance.

Jan/Feb/Mar – Reinforcing good technique, building our stamina and endurance was well as race simulation.

April/May/June – Reinforcing good technique, building our stamina and endurance as well as developing our Open Water Skills and race simulation
We have 2 lanes available. As a general guide Lane 1 =  2:00 and over/100m, Lane 2 = sub 2:00/100m  (based on CSS times).

If you don’t know your CSS time you can work it out by doing your own time test or come along to one of our CSS timed sessions and check your progress. CSS Info click here

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